Overture Classes

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Instrumental Ensembles

Instrumental Studies provide musical training and excellence for woodwind, brass, percussion instrumentalists. Students gain instrument-specific skills, knowledge of music theory, and participate in ensembles with other growing musicians. Students will learn more about their God-given talents as they grow in discipline, self-esteem, and ability through intentional ensemble instruction.

Overture is a member of MTSBOA


At Overture Music Academy,  we want to give students of all abilities confidence in using their voice. We believe everyone can sing and we want to help students discover the joy of singing together! Through different styles of choral literature, students will gain music history and music theory knowledge while developing tonal awareness, sightreading skills, and good vocal technique.

Overture is a member of MTVA

Theory Studies

Music Theory is the study of the grammar of music. While Overture directors place an emphasis on training students in theory concepts that pertain to each ensemble’s level of repertoire and to overall musical development into lifelong music lovers, some students enjoy going deeper into music theory as a separate pursuit.  Music Theory studies at Overture allow students to further strengthen their overall musicianship and deepen their understanding of the language of music.

Musica! General Music Class

Musica! class provides students in grades 2nd-6th with the opportunity to be exposed to the foundations of music through a general music class as they learn the basic elements of music – rhythm, melody, and harmony – through Orff instruments, movement and dance, and training in singing.

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