Musica! class

Sing, Say, Dance, and Play!

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The lead teacher for Musica! class is Maureen Anderson.

Just as a visual artist might have several mediums to use, our Musica! students will have the opportunity to try different types of instruments and music-making in this very hands-on class. Students’ learning experiences will include physical movement activities, singing, listening, and introduction to symbols of music notation. Students also begin to enjoy instrumental ensemble participation by playing Orff instruments and floor percussion.  The class provides a foundation for future years of music making and ensemble participation, and it will be tailored to the students’ abilities and aptitudes. 

Three specific vehicles of instruction will be utilized: 

  • Choral activities – Curwen hand signs for Solfeggio, folk songs & partner songs, “sound before sight” singing, TaKaDiMi rhythms, and proper vocal technique for the young voice
  • Orff instruments – glockenspiels & xylophones & floor percussion
  • Nuvo instruments (2nd semester in some cases) – beginner, innovative wind instruments modeled as pre-band instruments that helps the student see what embouchure he or she is suited to before beginning in a band
  • Dr. John Feierabend’s innovative approach to music pedagogy in his music and movement program Conversational Solfege

Music shapes the way students understand themselves and the world around them (“Broader Minded,” 2015).

If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart. —Shin’ichi Suzuki

After a year of Musica! class, students will be prepared to pursue learning a band instrument, joining a choral ensemble, or both!  They can also repeat the year of Musica! class since it will be tailored to the students’ abilities and aptitude each year.

We offer two levels of Musica! class:

  • Level I for 2nd-4th grade students
  • Level II for 5th-6th grade students and by invitation from Mrs. Anderson

The greatest aim we have as musicians is to glorify God with our unique instruments through His incredible gift of music.  Students will  begin to learn more about their God-given talents in this foundation class.

To many of our ancient philosophers, music was considered a fundamental part of life and education. Plato believed that music was good for children physically, intellectually, and morally. Aristotle believed that music assists humans in learning about themselves, growing themselves, and esteeming themselves. 

(Mark & Madura, Music Education in Your Hands, 2010)

During second semester, Musica! students will optionally explore music-making on a special line of pre-band instruments called Nuvo instruments.  This will bring the children together to explore the use of a wind or brass instrument and the finger dexterity required to make music on it. Students can then explore what they want to play in Primo ensemble the following year, if desired. (Instruments are loaned from OMA to the student for the semester.)

KHS America is partnering with Overture Music Academy to provide the premiere opportunity for middle Tennessee homeschool students to access this innovative product lineup. We employ their “Windstars” curriculum when allowing the students to work on the instruments.

Click on each instrument to learn more about the Nuvo Instruments line and see why we’re excited to be bringing this innovative instrument class to middle Tennessee!


Watch a series of videos explaining the educational philosophy and pedagogical value of the Nuvo instrument lineup!

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